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Simon Wallace, a graduate of the European Theological Seminary and the Pastor of NewDay Ministries is the youngest of seven children born to Cleveland and Evadney Wallace.

His insistence on excellence coupled with his uncompromising approach to God’s Word has allowed him to effectively impact the lives of men and women so they can become the leaders they were destined to be.

Born and raised in the south east of London from an early age he excelled in music, playing a number of musical instruments.

As an accomplished Saxophonist and keyboardist he later formed two of the country’s best community choirs and with these choirs toured various countries around the world. Simon is the recipient of a number of awards for being both a prolific songwriter and for being one of the pioneers of gospel music in the UK. His God given anointing and talents made him one of the most sought after gospel artist of the 90′s onwards. His recordings were featured on many television shows and aired on a number of radio shows around the country.

From a young age it was evident that the call of God was on his life and having served in the church, the Church of God in Christ faithfully in many areas he was ordained into the ministry. This would be the beginning of the fulfilment of the purpose and plan God had for his life.

At the age of forty God spoke once again to Simon, with this assurance he stepped out on faith and founded “NewDay Ministries Christian Centre”

NewDay Ministries is a non-denominational church that reaches people from all walks of life. Each week lives are changed and enriched by God.

Pastor Simon has been given a unique anointing to preach a relevant word to a beloved people. His anointed ministry imparts life, healing and a fresh start to a bright future.

Known to challenge the mind and inspire the heart Pastor Simon is a sought after preacher, teacher and mentor and has ministered in the UK, USA and in the Caribbean. He is a husband and a father to three sons Andre, Anton and Jaden, all of whom are very active in the ministry.

Pastor simon is a compassionate and visionary pastor who cares deeply for the members of NewDay Ministries and because of the call on his life, NewDay Ministries is reputed throughout London and other cities for love, care and standard of excellence.

It is God who ordains ministries and the ministry given to Pastor Simon Wallace is for this time, this day and this season.