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Youth Ministry is important for children and teens – It is our job as the church to bring up our children in the ways and Word of God.  An active and dedicated youth ministry can help kids and teens make sense out of life and avoid some of the most common sinful pitfalls.  Youth groups help to counterbalance the influence of the culture of our broken world and create the best conditions for children and teens to build a personal relationship with Jesus.  It gives kids and teens a support system of safe and Christ-loving adults who become role models and sources of advice and answers to life’s hard questions.  It also gives kids a great opportunity to build lasting friendships with other Christ-loving and Christ-curious kids.

Youth Ministry is important for the Church – Youth ministry is important for our Church, especially in the age of choose-your-own-adventure spirituality and a do-what-you-feel culture.  It allows adults within the Church to minister to the youth who will become the adults in the church of the future.  Youth ministry helps to train future leaders in the principles of Christian leadership and provides a good foundation for keeping young people in the Church, so that our Church may grow, prosper, and continue to spread the Gospel through the world.

Youth Ministry is important for families – Youth ministry gives families a fun and relevant way to become and remain connected to the Church.  It encourages and supports Godly parenting by providing parents with a resource to help answer some of those hard questions.  This also has the potential to stimulate more Christ-focused and biblical conversations within the home and helps kids to grow closer to their families as they grow closer to Christ.

Youth ministry is important for the world: Children who understand God’s moral law and how to love their neighbors will make the world a better place.  Imagine if the next generation of children all over the world had the opportunity to grow up within a strong youth ministry.  Imagine a generation of adults who are hard-working, demonstrate self-control, love their neighbors, help the needy, feed the hungry, display gratitude, value their marriages and their children, and serve to relieve the suffering of the world.  Each student involved in youth ministry can create positive, Christ-like waves through their entire lives that touch all the people around them.